March 18, 1907

The Epidemic in Kansas City
Has Reached Its Zenith.

According to the board of health, the epidemic of measles which has been sweeping over the city for the past three weeks has reached its zenith, and the daily reports of physicians show a marked decrease in the number of cases.

"Measles have had their day in Kansas City," reported Charles Cook, record clerk in the health department, yesterday. "A week ago as high as ten and twelve new cases were reported daily, but these have dwindled down to two and three a day. From a conservative estimate, I should judge there has been 600 cases of measles reported in the last forty days, but it is my opinion this does not represent all the children that have been afflicted. Measles is an old-fashioned disease, and old-fashioned mothers think nothing of being the doctor themselves and never call in a representative of the medical profession. It is these cases we have no report of, but if these mothers who applied home remedies only knew they were violating the law in not reporting to the board of health, they would have been more considerate. There have been very few deaths from measles."