March 18, 1907

Police Called Upon to Peacefully
Settle a Knotty Dispute.

"He wanted to fight me becasue the coal man dumped my coal in his cellar," was the complaint made by an Independence avenue second-hand clothing dealer to Lieutenant H. W. Hammil, when the clothing man and a neighbor were taken to police headquarters for disturbing the peace.

"He called me names because I got mad," expostulated the neighbor.

The two men were followed to police headquarters by a half dozen women. After the accusations had been made, the women took up the trouble and among themselves a lively argument arose. It looked for a time as though the women were about to settle the controversy and they were hustled out of the station.

"Well, well, that is the first time I ever heard of a man wanting to fight because another man put coal in his cellar," remarked Lieutenant Hammil.