March 20, 1907


Have Sweethearts in the Army and
Would Be Nurses.

"We want to get into the army," timidly spoke up one of two young girls, who entered the army recruiting station yesterday afternoon, to a sergeant of the recruiting party.

"What branch of the service to you prefer?" asked the sergeant, a broad grin wreathing his countenance. "We are enlisting for both branches of artillery, infantry and cavalry."

"Oh, we want to be nurses," spoke up the two in chorus.

Both young women were blushing. The were comely and appeared to be no more than 16 or 17 years old. The sergeant said:

"Now girls, which of you is it that has a fellow in the service, or is it both, and what regiment is he in?"

"We both have. Our fellows are in the Fifth caavalry, but that don't make any difference. We just want to be nurses," one of them explained.

"I am afraid you are too young for the service, but you can write the war department. We are not enlisting nurses here," said the sergeant.