March 20, 1907

Flagman's Wife Says He Beat Her
on the Street.

Mrs. Robert Donohue, an aged woman living at 8 Chestnut avenue in the East bottoms, went to the office of the Humane Society yesterday afternoon to complain of her husband, a flagman for the Missouri Pacific and C. & A. railroads at the Chestnut Avenue crossing.

"I went to the switch shanty today to see if he had got his check," she said. "The pay car had just passed and another man, Mr. McCoy, brought it to him. He asked McCoy to remain and watch the crossing while he went to get it cashed.

"When he returned, he offered teh man a dime, which he refused. Just then I saw a quarter on the sidewalmk and stooped down to get it, intending to hand it to my husband. While I was reaching for it he attacked and beat me. I have three married daughters here and they have all tried to get me to leave my husband, as he has often cruelly beaten me.

"I would have had him in police court last month, but I was ashamed to appear there with such a black eye as he had given me."

Colonel Greenman said that he advised Mrs. Donohue long ago to secure a warrant for her husband and yesterday he gave her the same advice.