March 22, 1907

90 AT 3 O'CLOCK.



In March, 1902, Sixteen Inches of Snow
Fell -- Total Snowfall of March Last Year Was
Thirteen Inches -- This March Only a Trace.
"I wish the Gillian had put off his speech before the Knife and Fork Club until tonight," remarked a man on a Troost avenue car yesterday. "I should like to hear him descant upon the perversity of human nature in general and of people in hot weather in particular. Now look at that woman there near the front on the right hand side. She has a big ermine boa around her neck and I'll wager she has a muff in her lap. And here it is the hottest day in March in 20 years, as the weather bureau told me."
The man glowered at the woman, who looked actually chilly, while the fetching little boa looked just too sweet for anything.
"Now I don't like to rush the season," continued the man apologetically, "but when it is 90 on March 24 it is me to the camphor chest and last summer's straw hat."
And as he took of the wheat stalk "lid" to mop his melting countenance he observed: "Man is a queer animal--especially a woman."
The point of the whole matter was that the woman really wore a fur boa with the cutest little black stripes running down half way to the reticle and the man really wore a straw hat and the thermometer really registered 90 degrees at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon and that that was the maximum March temperature in Kansas City since the weather bureau was established a score of years ago.
Incidentally, it was the first day of spring. Last year at this time the eight inches of snow which fell on March 18 and 9 had not yet melted and the minimum temperature was 8 degrees above zero March 20, while March 21 it ranged from 6 to 47. Yesterday the minimum was 66 degrees. In March, 1902, a storm culminated which caused sixteen inches of snow to be on the ground March 28. The total snowfall for March of last year was thirteen inches, while this March there has been so far only a trace, on March 13.
The maximum temperature yesterday was two degrees higher than the previous maximums were 84, 88, and 86.