March 23, 1907

Death of Mrs. N. R. Stripe Was
From Natural Causes

Dr. Frank Hall held an autopsy yesterday upon the body of Mrs. N. R. Stripe, of Parsons, Kas., who died here at the German hospital Thursday afternoon. After the body had been removed to Stone's morgue, Coroner George B. Thompson received a message from H. G. Stripe, a son in Parsons, notifying him that Mrs. Stripe had died of poisoning and demanding an autopsy and an inquest.

"We found death to have been due to natural causes," said Dr. Thompson last night. "It was plain to be seen that myocarditis, a form of heart disease, had caused her death."

Dr. Thompson said that a son from New York and A. M. Glick, a son-in-law, living here at 1012 East Twelfth street, were present at the autopsy and were satisfied with the result. Another son, the doctor said, suspected something wrong and asked that one of the prosecutors be present, as he feared an attempt would be made to "whitewash" someone.

"The woman is 74 years old," continued Dr. Thompson, "and she came here to be treated by a beauty doctor -- to have wrinkles removed. Some cosmetics had been given her to use on he face, and when she was taken ill about a week ago she became delirious and scratched the skin where the cosmetics had been used.

"That caused a skin eruption, and the children here became suspicious that the mother was being slowly poisoned. It would have been impossible, however, for poison to have had an effect that way. We talked with the doctor who treated her and are satisfied that everything was all right, so far as being poisoned is concerned."

Mrs. Stripe, after a short service, was buried in Elmwood cemetery at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. All of her children and the son-in-law are stage people.