March 23, 1907

Thomas Holland Threatens Kansas
City With English War Vessels.

Thomas Holland wants to cause an international disagreement between England and the United States. Holland is probably not acquainted with the bad effects of the North end whisky, for last night he partook of it freely. He was at Fifth and Walnut streets trying uncertainly to lean up against the atmosphere. He took offense at every passerby.

When Sergeant Peter McCosgrove started to headquarters with Holland, the latter announced that he was a British subject and would not stand for arrest. Then he got violent and shed his coat. That caused him to be taken in by force.

At the desk Holland refused to be searched and insisted that it would hurt King Edward's feelings if he ever found it out. Then more force had to be used. He begged to be clubbed.

"Hit me! Beat me," he cried. "I'm a subject of the king. Leave some mark on me. Do it up good, for I will have British battleships in the port of Kansas City and bombarding the town by sundown tomorrow. Club me. Go on."

Holland was taken to the holdover and locked in a cell. A lot of pushing, pulling and shoving was done, but no one accommodated Holland by clubbing him, beating him or even scratching him. After he was locked up he awakened all the slumbering jags in the holdover, by announcing in stentorian tones, "You refuse to beat me, but you have locked me up. I have decided to have the town bombarded for false arrest. Look out!"

"How can that fellow expect to win around here?" asked Tom Minogue, a visitor, who had witnessed the proceedings. "A British subject coming into an Irish club and starting a row. That North end booze has had the wrong effect on him."