March 27, 1907

Had Been Used on a Farmer to Ease
Aching Tooth

William Miller, a farmer from Stanley, Kas., came to Kansas City yesterday to have a tooth extracted. Before leaving home he said a doctor there gave him several doses of chloral hydreate to deaden the pain. The dentist also used some kind of pain killer, possibly cocaine.

The tooth was pulled about 4 o'clock. At 7 o'clock he was in the saloon of Jack Gallagher, 8 East Fourth street, wh en it was noticed that Miller was bleeding at the mouth. He was also delirious from the effects of the double drugging he had received. Miller was taken to the emergency hospital, where Dr. W. A. Shelton and Dr. J. A. Naylor worked him over for three hours before the hemorrhage was stopped. Miller fought until he wore himself out, as he believed the doctors were trying to do him harm. After he revived he told of the drugs which had been given him.