March 27, 1907

"Injured" Man Himself Proved He
Had Not Been Hurt

A man entered the emergency hospital in the city hall yesterday afternoon holding his right arm to his chest with his left. He was bent over and groaning as if in pain.

"I was hurt by a street car the other day," he said. "I want to be examined -- think I'm awful bad hurt for I can't git my arm any higher than that." And he showed Dr. George Ringle "how far" by lifting his arm just a little way from his body. He groaned again when he did it.

"How far could you lift that arm before you were so badly injured?" asked Dr. W. A. Shelton, who butted in.

"Oh, that far," said the man as he shot the arm up above his head in an evident effort to reach the ceiling. The doctor grabbed the arm and held it there -- straight up. He was getting ready to ask another question, but laughed outright. The man saw his predicament, jerked the "injured" arm loose, and fled in disgust.