March 3, 1907


He Waded Into the Fight When He
Was hit in the Eye.

Skimmed milk caused all kinds of trouble at the Alamo restaurant, 420 Main street, last night. There is a sign on the front window reading, "A Great Big Meal All for 10 cents." Last night, a customer didn't like the taste of the milk.

"What do you call this?" he asked.

"That's skimmed milk," he was told. "We are complying with the law, for there is the sign on the wall. Only Skimmed Milk Sold Here."

Before the waiter knew what was up he had been soaked right in the face with the glass of milk. Then Peter Cankles, the waiter, and the customer went at it.

When the combatants reached the sidewwalk the time for a peacemaker arrived, and one bobbed up. In the melee he got a good clout in the right eye. That angered him and he sailed into Pete Cankles and smote him hip and thigh; winding up by bouncing a sugar bowl off of Pete's head. The customer who had taken exception to the skimmed milk and had dashed it on the waiter, saw his chance to make his escape while the peacemaker and Cankles were fighting. And he did so hurriedly as the police were arriving in force. They arrested Cankles and the peacemaker.

"I wasn't in that fight at all," the peacemaker said. "I acted soley in the capacity of peacemaker and then I got socked in the jaw I got sore. That's all there is to it. If you don't believe I got the wors of it, look at this lamp on me. Where's the man who satarted the fight?"

"What's your name?" asked Fred Bailey, desk clerk.

"I haven't any," he replied firmly, "I oughtn't to have any either. But to complete your records, I'll say that my name is John J. Jenkins, journalist, and I want that milk-throwing, bomb-bursting scoundrel brought in here and charged with creating a riot and then letting a peacemaker get the worst of it.

John J. Jenkins, journalist, was locked up, as he could not give bond, and Cankles was released on a bond arranged by Thomas Boblos, his employer. Cankles was taken to the emergency hospital, where eight stitches were taken in his scalp.

Judge Kyle will hear the case of the skimmed milk, the irate customer, the waiter and the injured peacemaker this morning. But the cause of it all, the customer, will not be present.