March 3, 1907


Oscar Riley, Who Robbed a Store in
Morning, Sentenced in Afternoon

If retribution overcame the average violator of the law as it did Oscar Riley, the chances are taht more criminals would stop and take second thought before acting. Riley is a young man who is not a dessperate character, but who figured that by theft he could supply his wants in a quicker manner than by manual labor. Among other articles of wearing apparel of which he was a trifle shy were shoes, so the display of footwear in the shop window of Greenburg's store on Grand avenue attracted his attention at an early hour yesterday morning. It was true the hour was wee when he gazed upon the shoes in the Greenburg window, but he was accustomed to such hours and his personal need of better footing caused him to stop and hesitate.

It was 3 o'clock yesterday mrning when Riley decided to break in and help himself to Mr. Greenburg's shoes. No one interfered with his trespassing, but after he had selected the pair of shoes that best suited his fancy and was in the act of making his "get away," he was taken into custody. When arraigned before Judge Slover in the criminal court yesterday afternoon, he admitted breaking into the store and stealing the shoes, and received in return for his admission of guilt a term of three years in the penitentiary at Jefferson City.