March 4, 1907


Friends of the Couple Say Divorce Suit May Be Filed This Week --
Husband Declines to Say Whether
There is Chance for Reconciliation

Friends of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hamner said last night that a divorce suit would probably be filed this week by Mr. Hamner. They were married three years ago Saturday. Mr. Hamner is a member of the law firm Hamner, Hamner, & Calvin, with offices in 502 Hall bldg.

The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Hamner was an elopement. Mary Fleming Brent was Mrs. Hamner's maiden name. She is the daughter of T. I. Brent, president of the Kansas City Transfer Company.

In February of 1902, the society columns of the Kansas City newspapers contained the announcement of her engagement to G. G. Scott, a millionaire of Milwaukee.

On the morning of March 3, about three weeks later, the Kasnas City newspapers printed the story of her elopement and marriage the evening before with Harry C. Hamner. They had procured a license, and enjoined the clerk to silence. Then they went to the home of Dr. W. A. Quayle, who was then the pastor of the Grand Avenue M. E. church, and were married. They went to Omaha on their honeymoon. Mrs. Hamner's family are Kentuckians; they date back to the Flemings and the Brents, both names well known in the Bluegrass state.

Mr. Hamner spent last night at his home, 4124 McGee street, and Mrs. Hamner passed the night with the family of H. H. Anderson in their apartments at the Hotel Densmore. Mrs. Hamner could not be seen, and Mr. Anderson, a brother-in-law by marriage, also denied himself to reporters. When Mr. Hamner was seen at his home, he admitted that he and his wife had separated, but said he did not care to discuss the case.

"When will you begin divorce proceedings?" was asked of Mr. Hamner.

"I have nothing to say tonight," he said slowly.

"Will there be a reconciliation?"

"I will not talk of that now," he said, after a pause. "There have been no plans made for the settlement of our affiars and I don't want to make any statements regarding what is contemplated. I have no statement to make regarding my side of the affair, or my wife's either, as yet. I may be willing to say something later."