March 4, 1907

Half Fare for Ministers Decried
by Dr. J. E. Roberts

Dr. J. E. Roberts, minister of the Church of this World, thinks the half fare rate on railroads is half a bribe.

"There is no justification for a preacher riding on half fare permits, while lawyers and doctors have to pay full fare," he said in the course of his lecture at the Shubert theater yesterday. "The fact that I do so myself does not make it right for me. I take advantage of conditions as they exist, but I shall gladly welcome the day when everybody pays full fare. A free pass is a bribe, and a half fare permit is a half of a bribe."

"It is a crime and a disgrace to be poor, but the crime and the disgrace are those of the community which permits anybody to stay poor. Men are better than they have to be in order to stay in business. So long as it is thought the highest duty toward our fellow man to build asylums and poor houses, so long will the poor be with us."