April 14, 1907

Alleges Conspiracy Prompted His
Prosecution and Asks $20,000.

After a three days' trial before Justice Shoemaker on a charge of stealing $30 worth of lumber, W. L. Dannahower, a real estate man, was acquitted yesterday. W. C. Carson, a contractor, was the complainant.

As a result of the action in Judge Shoemaker's court, a suit was filed in the circuit court by Dannahower yesterday afternoon against Homer B. Mann, Clyde Taylor, James H. Richardson, L. Rosenfield, W. C. Carson, C. A. Shawver, I. N. Wagner, Al Heslip and N. B. Olson. Dannahower asks for $20,000 damages and alleges that a conspiracy was entered into by the defendants in causing his arrest and in causing Anna Trestrail, the principal witness against Dannahower, to swear to an affidavit charging him with stealing a quantity of shingles.

County Marshal Heslip and Deputies Olson, Shawver and Wagner are made defendants as arresting officers, it being alleged that the complaint was not properly drawn.