April 17, 1907

Ruined Fonts of Type and Asked
Penitentiary Sentence

Judge Wallace, of the criminal court, yesterday refused to accept a plea of guilty from Fred A. Kallett, a printer, charged with grand larceny, whoo had ruined nearly every font of type in a printing office by stealing and destroying the "e's." Kallett wanted to be sent to penitentiary. He haad been told by Lewis McCandless, the assistannt prosecutor, who had filed the information against him, that instead of being guilty of grand larceny, he might only be guilty of a misdermeanor, and receive a jail sentence, but Kallett did not want to go to jail.

"I prefer to go to the penitentiary," he said.

McCandless advised Judge Wallace of the case, and the judge refused to accept the plea of guilty, and asked to have the printer brought before him this morning, when the case will be tried.