April 4, 1907

Glad to Get Something to Eat and
Ready for a Job.

Joseph Richards, 16, William Henderson, 19, and Robert Kelly, 20 years old, all about the same size, arrived in Kansas City from Muscatine, Ia., via the Rock Island route in a boxcar early yesterday morning. They are runaways, and said they are not looking for Indians, but for work.

The boys walked the streets all day, visiting several employment agencies, but not having the dollar that it takes to get the "promise of a job," they kept on walking. About 8 o'clock last night, begrimed and hungry, they encountered Patrolman McVey. At police headquarters they were given tickets for a "big 10-cent meal" at a nearby restaurant.

"That's the first meal we've had since noon yesterday," said young Richards, as he picked his teeth.

"I hope you don't call that a meal we had at Seymour, Ia.?" asked Henderson, "A half a loaf of bread and one piece of green bologna for all three of us didn't hit the spot with me. Not much."

The lads were given shelter for the night at the Helping Hand Institute, and this morning jobs will probably be secured for Kelly and Henderson. Richards, who left a widowed mother at home, will be held until she is heard from.