April 4, 1907

Surgeon Picks Bits of Torpedo
From Injured Children.

Harry J. Call, a 4-year old boy living at 517 Harrison street, believes in "looking into things." While scouting in the vicinity of his home yesterday noon he found an aged railroad torpedo. His 2-year-old sister, Louise, and several others were bringing up the rear, hot on the trail when the find was made.

Harry brought his little band to a halt and held a council of war. It was finally decided to "look into" the torpedo. Harry secured a trusty brick and smote the aged torpedo on stinging blow right in the center -- just where its solar plexus ought to be. It blew up and out, too.

Results-- Louise received several severe cuts on the right leg. Harry, who smote the ancient bomb, didn't get off so well. Both of his legs were cut and bruised and the middle finger of his right hand badly lacerated. The rest of the little tribe didn't appear to be of such and investigation turn of mind. They were looking on, but-eyed, from afar when the explosion took place. They simply gave a war whoop, kicked up the dust and disappeared over a neighboring hill, leaving their wounded tribesmen to their fate. The ambulance from headquarters appeared on the scene with Dr. Julius Frischer, who treated the young warriors and left them in their teepees.