April 4, 1907

Body of Unknown Man Found at
Third and Main.

George Walls, 18 years old, 506 East Fifth street, was in the saloon of Mike Lasalla, 300 Main street, at 1 o'clock this morning with Joseph Rose, the bartender. Walls stepped outside as Rose was locking up the place. When he reached the sidewalk he heard a brick strike the pavement and break. At the same time, he noticed the body of a man lying just north of the saloon on Third street. He says he saw no one else. The dead man's forehead had been crushed. A pile of bricks was nearby on the street.

The two men reported their find at police headquarters and the body was taken to the emergency hospital. It is evidently that of a laborer, perhaps a miner, for a circular describing miners tools was found in a pocket. There were no means of identification. In the man's pockets, besides this circular, were a cheap watch and a card reading "Oklahoma saloon, southwest corner of Seventeenth and Walnut."

The body is that of a man of about 30 years. He wore a suit of dark clothing that had seen service, blue overalls, blue shirt, both new, and new underwear. He was 5 feet 11 inches in height, weight about 185 pounds.

The coroner took charge of the body.