April 4, 1907

Police Board May Decide to Take
Action Concerning This.

Chop Suey joints and their environment are to go. A place on West Eight stret was complained about yesterday by Mayor Beardsley, presiding at a meeting of the police commissioners. The mayor protested that such places are merely to admit women to drinking rooms, in a covert attempt to get around the wineroom law. Commissioners Rozzelle and Gallagher agreed with the mayor that it was not so much the "suey" as the bottle of beer that went with it that kept the places going and the women as steady customers.
Three saloonmen were before the board on charges of selling liquor on Sunday, all of them having restaaurant attachments. After hearing the evidence in these cases, granting that in no instance was it strong enough for a revocation, the board suggested that saloon men who want to remain in business will have to close up the doors and windows leading to restaurants where women congregate, and where men do their drinking on Sunday.