April 8, 1907

"Sleeper" Says His Home Is in
Horseshoe Bend, Id.

L. C. Webster, who was taken from a Union Pacific train at the Union depot a week ago in an unconscious condition and moved to the General hospital, where he remained without recovering his senses, rallied sufficiently yesterday to carry on a short conversation with Dr. Johnson, the hospital physician. He stated that his home is at Horseshoe Bend, Id., and that he has a wife and three children there. He does not know how he happened to be here and was surprised when told that he was in a hospital in Kansas City. He remembers being in Cheyenne, Wyo., and boarded the Union Pacific train there which brought him to Kansas City.

Webster, while apparently rational yesterday afternoon, talked a little incoherently at times and finally lapsed into a semi-conscious condition, in which he remained up to a late hour last night. In his talk with Dr. Johnson he stated that he had previously suffered from St. Vitus' dance and it is thought that his strange affliction was brought on by this disease. The authorities will try and get in communication with his relatives in Idaho at once.