Special Report -- C. W. ANDERSON


A petition for the pardon of C. W. Anderson, which was circulated yesterday, was signed by all the county officials and all the circuit judges except one, the latter agreeing to add his signature today. In the city hall all the city officials signed but three, who could not be seen.

Petitions were circulated all over town by all classes of people. The Rev. John Sauer, pastor of the German Lutheran church at 1317 Oak street, will circulate a petition among the members of his church. Merchants in this city and in Kansas City, Kas., and Armourdale, secured copies of the petition and will ask for signatures among their customers.

Last night there were 600 petitions in circulation and it was estimated that 8,000 persons had signed. More than a thousand signers were secured to a petition that was circulated among the passengers of street cars yesterday. The man with the petitions would board a loaded car, go through it requesting the signatures of the passengers and get off at the next transfer point. Here he would board another car, repeating the former performance. At 6 o'clock he stated that he had secured more than 900 names and that only four time had a signature been refused.

At the meeting of the Episcopal Church Club at the Savoy hotel last night a petition was presented by Rev. Father J. Stewart Smith of St. Mary's church and signed by every member present, about fifty altogether. The motion to present the petition was seconded by Rev. Edward B. Woodruff of St. George's church.

Hundreds of names were attached to petitions circulated at the city hall yesterday asking for the immediate release of Anderson. Mayor Beardsley was about the first to sign.

"If what I have read in the newspapers concerning Anderson is right," said the mayor, "he should be given his liberty."

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