May 1, 1907

Contractor Brought Back From Garnett,
Kas., Taken to Hospital.

Sheriff Babb and City Marshal Lacy from Garnett, Kas., arrived in the city yesterday afternoon with James Waymire, a sidewalk contractor, who became demented near there last Saturday and was taken into custody. Waymire lives at 106 Topping avenue and has a wife and five children whose ages range from 2 to 12 years. He was later transferred to the general hospital. Dr. W. L. Gist diagnosed the case as one of acute mania.

Waymire is the happiest insane man seen at the station in a long time, laughing and talking of great accomplishments continually. "I just made $48,000,000 out of that old bridge," he told Mrs. Moran, police matron. "If you will only wait here half an hour I will take you for a ride in a gold automobile studded with diamonds. I own everything in the world."