May 1, 1907

Humane Officer Will Prosecute Offender
if He Can Be Found.

W. H. Gibbons, Humane officer, is looking for the person who placed a rubber around a kitten's foot at the cigar store of W. E. Jenkins, Eighth and Walnut streets, and caused the little thing so much suffering that it finally had to be chloroformed. The case was reported to him yesterday.

"There were two kittens there, a maltese and a black," said Mr. Gibbens. "Recently the clerks discovered that the maltese was holding up one of its front feet as if in pain. The kitten grew ill and could not eat and its leg was swollen to an enormous size. When it was chloroformed and a closer examination made it was discovered that a rubber had been placed around its foot just above the paw so tightly that the circulation had been entirely cut off. The man who placed it there probably did it in 'fun' to see the kittne shake its leg, but leaving it there was the inhuman part of it. I will bring the man before Judge Kyle in police court if he can be found."

The little maltese kitten and the black one were great playmates. When the maltese was chloroformed the little black one saw it after it was dead. It left the store within a few minutes and has never returned. Previous to that time, it had never been out of the store door. The clerks are wondering if it went off somewhere and died of grief.