May 19, 1907

Bride Asks Probate Judge to Nullify
Her Second Venture.

Alvin Thorp, 49 years old, and America Mallat, 5 years his junior, called at the office of the probate judge in Kansas City, Kas., last tuesday and were united in the holy bonds of wedlock by Judge Van prather. It was their second venture upon the sea of matrimony and they left the court house as happy as if it was their first flirtation with Cupid.

Yesterday Mrs. Thorpe, the bride of just four days, reappeared before the probate judge and with tears in her eyes begged Judge Prather to undo what he had done Tuesday. She declared that she was greatly disappointed in the man she had chosen for her second husband and desired to be separated from him just as soon as possible.

"He is not my kind of man," said Mrs. Thorpe. "My! I was certainly deceived in him. The next night after our marriage he came home under the influence of liquor and grossly abused me. He brought home with him a small vial containing some kind of dope and when I saw him take some of it I made up my mind right there and then we severed our companionship."

Judge Prather stated taht he was very sorry, but while he had tied the knot it was up to a court of higher jurisdiction to untie it. He referred her to the district court and a divorce suit is promised in the immediate future.