May 26, 1907

Canvasser Shoots Himself and Dies at
the General Hospital.

Raymond M. Phillips, a canvasser, called upon his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Phillips, at 512 West Twenty-fifth street, about 6 o'clock last evening. They had been separated about two years, but Reynolds was in the habit of calling to see his son, 15 years old. He set down two grips which he was carrying and greeted the boy pleasantly. In a few minutes Mrs. Reynolds stepped into the room.

"I am going to Colorado, 'Bess'," he said. "I came to ask you once more and for the last time, will you live with me again?"

"No," said the wife firmly. "I cannot. You know why."

Without further ado Reynolds drew a revolver and placing the muzzle to the butt of his right ear, fired one shot. He fell unconscious to the floor. A physician was summoned. The ambulance from No. 4 station arrived soon after, accompanied by a surgeon, and Reynolds was removed to the general hospital, where he died at midnight.