May 30, 1907

May Hold Meetings in Grand Ave-
nue's Open District.

James Howard, perpetual president of the local order of Social Socialists, appealed yesterday to the police board for permission to hold meetings in the downtown district. He complained that the police had run his party off Grand, south of Eleventh street, where permission had been given to them to hold forth.

"You let other political meetings be held on the street corners," said Howard.

"Yes," granted Mayor Beardsley, "but that is only when the campaign is going on."

"Our campaign is always going on," promptly retorted the Social Socialist.

After the commissioners stopped laughing they decided unanimously, "That is exactly the trouble," and suggested that the perpetual president try and get a word in edgewise between the Salvationists, the Bakerites and the other little crowds that nightly meet on Grand avenue.