June 24, 1907

At Least, Doctors Believe So, Hence
Lad Will Lose 'Em.

Dewey Marcuvitz, one of the many hundred boys named after Admiral Dewey, is the only one on record who has gone wrong. The lad was born in May, 1898, a week after Admiral Dewey's victory in Manila bay. Admiral Dewey can not be blamed for the boy's getting into trouble, because, although the lad has been arrested for stealing everything from a dinner bucket to a hrse, he has never evidenced a desire to convert a boat or even an oar to his own use.

Dewey's father, David Marcuvitz, who owns a second-hand store at 404 Main street, stands up for the lad and says he is not bad but merely mischievous. The father had arranged with Dr. J. S. Litchtenberg to operate on the lad and remove his tonsils this forenoon, as was suggested by Dr. E. L. Mathias, of the juvenile court, but the father does not think that the operation will change the lad's disposition.

"My 11-year-old daughter had her tonsils removed about a year ago and it didn't affect her disposition a particle," Mr. Marcuvitz said last evening. "She was a good girl before the operation and is still the same kind of a girl. She is happier, though, because her throat does not trouble her any more.

"I don't think that Dewey is a bad boy," the father continued. "He is just mischievous. I was just the same kind of a boy in my time. He will grow out of it. The lad has a mania for horses and I am going to buy him a pony when he gets a little older."

Dewey has been taken to the detention home more than once by his mother, who told the officers that she could not control him.