July 16, 1907

Abraham Lieberman Said to Have
Jumped Eastern Bond.

In a spirit of reveng, engendered by a quarrel, David Lieberman of Nineteenth and Wyandotte streets, gave information to the police that led up to the arrest of his brother, Abraham Lieberman, a junk dealer at 2811 Southwest boulevard, who, he claimed, is wanted by the police at Rochester, N. Y. The brothers quarreled last week, and, according to the arrested man, his brother tried to borrow money from him and on being refused gave the police information against him.

Teh informant appeared at No. 3 police station Saturday night and said that his brother had "shipped out" of Rochester while under $500 bond awaiting trial there on a charge of selling stolen property. Sergeant William Carroll and Patrolman Ralph Truman arrested Lieberman yesterday and he is being held here for further instructions from the authorities in Rochester.

The police say that both men are living in Kansas City under assumed names, and that their real name is Franks.