July 16, 1907

And Then "Cop" Pinched Him for
Blockading Sidewalk.

John F. O'Donnell was so struck with amazement yesterday afternoon as he saw 3 to 1 against Kansas City on the bulletin board near Twelfth street and Grand avenue that he stopped to take a second look.

"I have barely got time to think," said Mr. O'Donnell to friends of his at headquarters, "before a 'cop' comes up and says to me,

" 'Move on or I'll run you in.'

" 'For what?' says I.

" 'For blockading the sidewalk,' says he.

" 'I have lived here twenty-three years and I never heard the like of that in all this time,' says I, and with that he pinched me."

Mr. O'Donnell was charged with blockading the sidewalk and immediately released on his own recognizance.