July 24, 1907

Faints After Knocking Wooly Crawler
From Her Neck.

Mrs. C. F. Thompson, 1626 Washington street, was bitten on the left side of the neck by a worm yesterday afternoon, and immediately a place about the wound swelled to almost the size of a baseball. Mrs. Thompson had been in her yard caring for her flowers and walked into her kitchen, when she felt a sharp stinging sensation on the neck.

She placed her hand to her neck and felt a woolly worm about an inch in length. Knocking it from her neck, she fainted. Dr. George F. Berry, 609 West Sixteenth street, was summoned. The worm that bit Mr. Thompson is believed to be what is known as a fever worm, and its bite, though not necessarily fatal, is said to be of a poisonous character.