July 27, 1907

One Is Accused of Having Stolen
From His Father.

Fred Folk, 23 years old, H. A. Barnes, 25 years old and Mrs. Cora Searcey, all of St. Joseph, were arrested at a rooming house at 516 East Eleventh street by Detectives Orford and McAnany at the request of Detective J. T. Frans of St. Joseph, last night on a charge of grand larceny. The trio, accompanied by two small children of Mrs. Searcey, came to Kansas City yesterday morning, bringing with them, it is claimed, personal property belonging to J. R. Barnes, father of H. A. Barnes.

The police say Folk is a paroled prisoner under sentence of three years in the state penitentiary on a charge of burglary and larceny. Young Barnes, it is claimed, had robbed his father of about $60 worth of property of various descriptions, and the woman is charged with having fraudulently drawn her husband's pay check from a packing plant Thursday and eloped to Kansas City with Barnes.

The prisoners will be taken to St. Joseph this morning.