July 28, 1907

Teamster Tells Her He's Going to
End Life in River.

My Dear Wife and Baby -- I hope these few lines find you both well, and with you good luck. My body you will find at Wabash bridge, with a rock fastened to my neck, so repeat this to mother. A. J. Daily was born December 22, 1883, and committed suicide July 26, 1907. Wife, goodby. Kiss Ray for me and break the news to all. I hate to, but here goes. God be with you. I can't."
This letter was received yesterday by Mrs. A. J. Daily, 17 years old, 1718 West Prospect place, from her husband, a teamster, who left her just before the birth of her baby, three weeks ago. The Dailys were married less than a year ago, but since their separation, he has been boarding at Thirteenth and Liberty streets. He visited his wife and baby last Friday, and at the time said nothing of contemplating suicide.

The police believe that Daily contemplated leaving the city, and wrote the letter to his wife as a ruse to throw them off his track.