July 3, 1907

Terrible Plight and Sufferings of Two
Confiding Women.

That's what the city chemist developed yesterday in an analysis of a face cream, or face food, a sample of which was handed to Mayor Beardsley by two women. They complained that they had bought the stuff of a druggist for 25 cents, and this is what happened to them after they had applied some of it to their faces.

Irritation; welts on the skin; itching; fever; swelling of the face; dark puffing under the eyes; choking sensation; shortening of breath; breaking out at the throat.

"Zinc poisoning," ruled Dr. W. P. Cutler, city pure food inspector, when made acquainted with the symptoms developed by the victims of the face wash.

"And the serious part of it all is I do not know how to go about it to prevent the sale of the stuff, and to punish the makers. They can't be reached by the pure food law, as the lawmakers ruled that drugs are not a food. Besides, there is no s uch thing as face food. People ought to be careful not to expose themselves to face creams, anyhow.