July 4, 1907

Trip to Germany by S. Rosenzweig,
Special Commissioner.

Who are the Huntemann heirs, and if so, why? That is the question. The public administrator of Jackson county is holding an estate worth $400,000, and he cannot find anybody to whom it belongs. There are about twenty claims on file, some of them worth the price of wrapping paper. The best claim so far developed is from Germany, where the deceased Adolph Huntemann, was born and lived the early years of his life.

So many claims have come from there through the German consulate at St. Louis and through attorneys that the probate court has sent a special commissioner in the person of S. Rosenzweig to Germany to sift out the claims. With the dog days coming and the courts all closed, there was no trouble to get a lawyer to agree to go to Germany, via London, Paris and so forth to look for Huntemann heirs.