July 5, 1907

Jospeh Czski Receives Only Slight
Injuries, However.

Joseph Czski, a Croatian, 200 South Mill street, Kansas City, Kas., fell through the "L" road bridge near Reynolds avenue last night at about 9:30 o'clock. Although he struck the pavement twenty feet below on his head and shoulders, he sustained only sight injuries, the worst being a cut on the head. Report was sent in to No. 2 police station and Assistant Surgeon D. E. Smith fixed up Czski's bruises so he was able to come home unassisted. Czski says he had just returned from Chicago, where he has been employed, and that he had been down to a saloon on the State line for a few drinks.

"I was a little uncertain in my steps and put my foot down in the wrong place," he said.