July 6, 1907

Police Court Windup of a "Safe and
Sane" Celebration.

When police court opened yesterday Judge Kyle asked that all persons who had spent the night in the holdover after being arrested for shooting big firecrackers or placing torpedoes on the car tracks, be brought out at once. Eight men and boys, who were unable to give bond, stepped forth. All were discharged.

"Now call all those up, arrested for the same offense," said the court, "but who were able to give bond."

Fifteen men, three boys and one negro woman crowded forward into the small space in front of the judge.

"I let all those other fellows go," Judge Kyle began, "because they had no money or friends to get them out. They had enough punishment by staying in that hot holdover all night. I think all of you deserve a light fine, however. How many are guilty?"

Every person but one raised a hand. That one, John Johnson, a negro, was made to stand aside while the court orated a little on the dangers of firearms, firecrackers and fighting. Then they were fined $2 each. Johnson, who had struck Patrolman C. E. McVay over the head with a baseball mask, was fined $3.

James Hederman, 19, a member of the "Fifth and Lydia" gang, thought he would have his Fourth celebration without expense when he frightened an East bottoms drug clerk into letting him have fireworks, but the good time cost him $5.