August 10, 1907

W. T. Vernon to Deliver Speeches
in St. Joseph and Topeka.

W. T. Vernon, a negro, registrar of the United States treasury, spent an hour in Kansas City last night. He went to St. Joseph, where this afternoon he will be the speaker at the Tri-City exposition.

The Tri-City exposition at St. Joseph began Sunday and closes tonight. It was organized to show the progress of the negro in the West. The Washington politician will speak on the negro question, but said last night at the depot that he will also have a great deal to say about organized labor.

Next week Vernon will speak in Topeka at the convention of the Business League, another negro organization, which closes next Friday. He said he will remain in Kansas about two weeks before returning to Washington.

Booker T. Washington and other prominent negro educators will speak in Topeka during the week.