August 10, 1907

Nona Gard Attempted to Start a Fire
With Gasoline.

Nona Gard, the 14-year-old grand-daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Gard, 531 South Pleasant street, Independence, was burned to death yesterday afternoon by a gasoline explosion. The kitchen range was located in the basement of the small home and Nona was preparing some warm water for a bath. She had been absent but a short time when screams came from the basement. The girl ran into the yard enveloped in flames. Her aged grandfather ran after her and after circling around the yard she fell beneath a tree, burned to a crisp. The grandfather poured water on her blazing garments, but did not extinguish the flame until life had left the body. Finding the basement ablaze he turned his attention to the fire there which was easily extinguished. The girl after going to the basement found that the fire in the cooking range had died down after the noon day meal and attempted to start it up with gasonline.