August 11, 1907

Lured to Scene of the
Crime and Beaten.

One bold robbery occurred, however, which the police did not give to the public, although it was reported shortly after its occurrence nad bulletined to all the stations. George Myrick, who lives at the White House hotel, reported that he was robbed of a gold watch, a chain and an Eagle charm in a saloon at 401 East Sixth street.

The foregoing paragraph, the last one in a story published in the Journal Friday, entitled, "Still the Thieves Are Busy," was the innocent cause of George Myrick receiving a cowardly beating Friday night in the saloon of "Kid" Rose, an ex-prize fighter at 401 East Sixth street, where the alleged robbery occurred.

Myrick was at his hotel Friday night when he was called to the telephone. A man who gave the name of Rose, said: "Is this you, Myrick? We have found your watch and chain down at the saloon. Come down."

Feeling joyful at such news, and expecting no harm Myrick hurried to the saloon. He had no sooner entered, he said yesterday, than the doors were closed and Rose and several of his companions nearly beat the man to death -- one of them stabbing him in the back. His face was cut and badly bruised when seen yesterday. Myrick believes that he barely escaped with his life.

The assaulted man went before the prosecutor yesterday and asked for a warrant for the arrest of Rose and his companions. It was refused on the ground that his "information was not definiate enough; that he did not know who struck him."

Chief Ahern has taken the case in hand and Rose probably will yet have to answer to the police board for running a disorderly and undesirable saloon. A warrant charging him with disturbing the peace will be issued by the city attorney tomorrow and he will be tried in police court.