August 15, 1907

Park Policeman Ejected From Room-
ing House Uses His Pistol.

C. A. Roth, who claims to be both a park policeman and a deputy marshall, was arrested at midnight last night by Patrolmen O'Malley and Downey at Twelfth and McGee streets, after he had been pointed out to them by a crowd as the man who had been shooting a revolver in the street a few minutes before. Roth admitted that he had been shooting in the street, but said he had to do it in self-defense, as he has been driven out of a disorderly house at 1203 McGee street and a crowd of men had gathered around and threatened to do him bodily harm.

A special police star, his revolver, shells for the weapon, and a half empty flask of liquor which looked like whisky was found in the prisoner's clothes by the police. He was locked up at No. 4 police station on an "investigation charge."