August 15, 1907

Liverymen File a Protest With the
County Court.

A Grand avenue liveryman appeared before the county court yesterday to plead against oiling the county macadam roads.

"An oiled rock road," he said, "is slippery and dangerous for horses. Since the boulevards in the city have been oiled we liverymen have to put sharp caulks on our horses' shoes to enable them to keep their footing, even in summer. When horses with these barbs are driven on the asphalt pavements they dig holes in it.

"There are two stretches of oiled boulevard in Kansas City upon which horses fall every day. One of them is on the hill near Penn Valley park. Some day there will be a bad accident on one of those places, and the city will have a damage suit on its hands.

"It will be more serious to oil the county roads, because the grades are steeper in the country than on the city boulevards."