August 15, 1907

J. S. Evans Sues Nellie Edwards for
$25,000 Damages.

J. S. Evans, owner of a livery barn at 8533 Independence avenue, brought suit in the circuit court yesterday afternoon for $25,000 damages against Miss Mellie Edwards, a sister of his wife, charging her with having alienated his wife's affections, and instigated a divorce suit sought by his wife on July 16, this year.

Miss Edwards lives in Bevier, Mo., but has visited her sister, Mrs. Evans, at the Evans home, 3617 Thompson avenue, frequently during the Evans' twenty-three years of married life. Miss Edwards owns considerable property in Bevier. She is now living with her sister at 3517 Thompson avenue, while Mr. Evans is rooming away from home.

"I have ordered Miss Edwards away from my house on more than one occasion," Evans said last evening, "but she is still there. She came in December on her last visit and I left home April 1. She is still in my house."

Mrs. Evans, in her petition for divorce, which is set for trial next fall, alleges that her husband drinks and uses abusive language toward her.