August 17, 1907

Embrey, the Bridegroom, Was 70, and
the Bride Was 75.

When Isaac Embrey, 70 years old, and Frances C. Brown, aged 75 years, both of Eldorado, Kas., walked into the office of Probate Judge Van B. Prather, Kansas City, Kas., yesterday morning and asked for a marriage license the magistrate, who has so frequently figured in Cupid's romances, looked up over his eyeglasses and smilingly inquired, "This is not an elopement, I trust?"

"No, judge; I will testify that the marriage is with the consent of all concerned," spoke Mrs. J. W. Moberly, of Kansas City, Kas., who is a daughter of Mr. Embrey, adn who had accompanied her aged father to the court house to act as a witness to his second marriage.

After Judge Prather had finished fillinog out the license Mr. Embrey turned to his sweetheart of 75 years, remarking, "I gu ess we might as well have the whole job done now while we are at it." She willingly consented, and the ceremony was performed. Upon leaving the judge's office the bride, with her face smothered with blushes, said she felt more embarrasssment than she did the first time she was led to the altar.