August 18, 1907

Father and Son Are Married to Sis-
ters at Piper, Kas.

The inhabitants of the little village of Piper, just north of Kansas City, Kas., in Wyandotte county, are at present engaged in a general debate over a relationship problem which has arisen as a result of the recent marriage of William Waldson and Eliza E. Wilson, of that place. The bridge is a sister of Flora Walldson, who was married to John Waldson, father of William Waldson, several years ago. Now that the father and son have married sisters they become brothers-in-law, and the elder Mrs. Waldson becomes her sister's mother-in-law.

Mr. and Mrs. John Waldson have four children, which are half-brothers and sisters of young Mr. Waldson. Now the question that threatens to wreck the mental faculties of all Piper is, should the last union be blessed with off-springs, what relation will they be to the other young Waldsons.

The entire countryside in and about Piper has taken up the argument, and it is feared that the crops will not get harvested as a result. Men congregate at the town post-office and discuss the matter in large numbers while little knots of farmers and farmhands are seen at the cross roads speculating on the marriage of the Waldsons and the Wilsons.