August 18, 1907

He Has Confederates Who Rob While
Picture Is Being Taken.

A man with a kodak who will "snap" you for nothing while his pal picks your pockets is what C. J. Richardson says happened to him. Richardson is a carpenter's apprentice, and lives at 1327 Central street. One evening after working hours he was passing Fourteenth and Walnut streets, when a seemingly accommodating young man with a kodak suggested that he stand with a group of fellows while a snap shot was taken. Richardson did so, and noticed that the members of the group stood with their arms around each other. After a few minutes he missed his purse, containing $3. He reported his loss at No. 4 police station, half a block away, and gave a description of the man whose arm had been around him. The police arrested Ted Nolan, who was identified by Richardson. He will be arraigned in a justice court tomorrow.