August 20, 1907

Suit in Ejectment Brought Against
the Scientist.

A. Kiss, of 218 Clinton place, after two sessions in police court with Dr. Otto Bohl, who had a laboratory in the Kiss' chicken house, brought suit yesterday afternoon in the circut court to enjoin the specialist from occupying the chicken house or the adjouining property. Judge T. J. Seehorn issued a temporary order, returnable Saturday.

Mr. Kiss, after reciting that the initial A. before his name stand for Andor, proceeds to state in his petition that on March 10 last Dr. Bohl applied to him for permission to occupy his chicken house, with the understanding that Bohl was to care for his lawn and flower beds for the rent. Kiss says he refused the permission, but the doctor moved in anyhow, much to the discomfort of his chickens.

Dr. Bohl has been "at home" there since, Kiss says. What Kiss objects to especially is that Dr. Bohl builds confines in the yard and asserts he cooks weeds, toads, turtles, snakes and sundry other kinds of beast and vetgetation in open kettles.