August 22, 1907

Headache Prescription That Contains
One-Seventh of a Grain.

A Troost avenue druggist was approached yesterday morning by a woman with a prescription for headache.

"I have had headache for many years, but not until I began taking these powders did I secure relief," the woman said. "O, they are just fine -- a dozen powders, please."

The clerk passed behind the prescription case with the slip of paper.

He read thereon among other ingredients a demand for one-seventh of a grain of morphine to each powder. His first impulse was to decline to fill the prescription, but then he happpened to think that she was an educated woman and could read as well as he.

"I am not surprised, madame, that your headaches are relieved by this remedy," almost tremulously rejoined the druggist as he handed the woman her package and took a coin.

"My husband sometimes takes them, too, but baby is scarcely old enough to have a headache. When she does, though, you bet she must take them like the rest of us," declared the woman.

"Poor baby," sighed the druggist.