August 23, 1907

Got Away from the Institutional
Church and Returned Home.

Leading his 4-year-old sister by the hand, both their faces wreathed in smiles, and happy because they were going home, Fred Sockman, an 8-year-old boy, made his escape from the Institutional church last night and found his way, unguided, to his mother's home in Independence. A street car conductor gave the boy and his sister passage to Independence, where he gleefully told the story of his deliverance to his mother, who welcomed him with a warmth begotten by long and enforced separation.

The children were taken to the Institutional church several days ago by order of a court, following a quarrel between their father and mother, who live at Independence. The father was locked up in the county jail on a charge of wife beating. The children will be returned to the Institutional church today.