August 23, 1907

Crenshaw's Pet Was Convicted of Bit-
ing the Neighborhood Boys.

John Crenshaw, 1611 Norton avenue, had a dog. Willie Haas, 1327 Norton avenue, passed the Crenshaw home Wednesday. The dog bit him severely on the leg. Chreshaw did not appear in court yesterday, but his wife did.

"Yes," she admitted, "our dog bit this boy, and it has bitten other boys, too, I believe."

"You are very frank about it," said Judge Kyle, "most people try to protect their dogs, right or wrong. It is the order of this court thatyour dog be taken from whence it came and shot in the head until it is dead, dead, dead."

"When may I expect the execution?" asked the woman.

"Between sunup and sundown today," said the court, seriously.