August 23, 1907

Only Those With Courage Need Apply
for This Bit of Surgery.

If there are any veterinary dentists in this vicinity who want to earn $50 for completing a single crown, they will have the opportunity during the big Inter-State fair at Elm Ridge this fall. The work of crowning a tooth in the mouth of one of the performers has been incomplete and Captain Dyer , manager of the wild animal department of the Parker amusement shows, offers $50 to the dentist who will complete the job. Incidentally, it may be remarked that the patient is Prince, the big African lion who is the star feature of the menagerie connected with the shows.

The Greater Parker Amusement shows will furnish some of the greatest exposition acts of the season and will attract thousands of people to the fair. There ar a gerat many separate shows combined into the one big aggregation. Prominent among the features, outside the wild animal show, are the Sunflower Belles, who give an up-to-date musical comedy show that has received great praise. These girls have a full-fledged organization among themselves for mutual protection, sick benefits, etc. The "Flying Valentines" is another act which has created enthusiasm wherever the show has been given.